November 13, 2011

Goodbye Lie Diaries- Breelan- Full Moon

Breelan Dunnigan-heroine
of Amelia Island's Goodbye Lie at
1880s November
Fernandina, Florida

Breelan writes: Two nights ago, the moon was full and oh so very beautiful. Waite suggested we ride to Amelia Beach. I could find no excuse to deny him and why would I? A dash to the ocean atop Noir with my love racing beside me... At water's edge, we slipped off our mounts to wade in the tide, guided by the golden gleam spilt down from the moon onto the gentle waves. We fell asleep in each others arms to awaken at dawn by the sound of sea birds. Our life is paradise. We are blessed.


2011 November
Fernandina, Florida

Jane Marie writes:  Bruce and I saw the full moon out the front door and walked down to the beach.  There is no other word for it but glorious. While we didn't sleep on the sand as you and Waite did, we sat on the wooden walk-over and talked...and talked more. It was a night of memories for us, too.  I took a photograph, but the picture does no justice to the wonder of our shared lunar delight. 

the moon over Amelia Island, Florida

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