November 7, 2011

Greyhounds As Pets

I recently attended a Greyhounds As Pets (GAP) gathering in Jacksonville, Florida with my friend, Herb Hilderbrand and his family. What a delight! Until yesterday, Herb and his wife, Cindy, owned four greys.  By the time the party was over, they had adopted a fifth!

I had never been around greyhounds but, like everyone, I'd seen pictures. They are sleek animals with barrel chests, long legs and long thin tails.  What surprised me the most was how utterly docile and loving they are.  There were maybe 40 or 50 dogs, most of which were strangers to each other. Not the first one nipped nor did I feel threatened by any of them. What I did worry about was stepping on their toes because doggie toes were everywhere.

Human fingers are never still when a dog of any breed is present and a pet or scritchie-scratch, as we call it around our house, is a constant.  When we weren't petting, we were walking them. Strong animals, I was holding two leashes at one point and had to seriously plant my feet for fear they would pull me over.  I can't imagine how Cindy handles four at a time. Then again, they are her babies and they mind their mama.

If you have a space for them to run, consider adoption.  My few hours with the greys introduced me to their gentle world . All they want from you is love.

Jane Marie, four greys in matching golden jackets and Cindy, their mama
"Smile pretty, both of you!"

just a little group stroll

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