May 5, 2011


I needed a way to identify each character in my new creation, The Goodbye Lie Diaries, featured on Facebook at!/pages/The-New-Goodbye-Lie-Diaries/108624849447?  (The Diaries are written by the main characters from the series and they talk about their everyday lives in Fernandina, Florida in 1884 after the novel ends.)  So I came up with the idea of showing the backs of heads of real people who could be/are the characters. I mean the hair color matches the player in the story as does the hair style. This way, too, each of you can imagine their faces.

Now, I've received many a comment and here are just a few I'll happily share:

Michael Dunnigan, father

Those hairy heads just creep me out!

Strangely unique.

I think it's a fun idea.

I keep waiting for them to turn around.

I've never heard of such a thing.  I think I like them.  Yes.  I do like head-backs. Very different.

And there you have it. Head-backs are in, at least in Jane Marie's wacky world.

Breelan Dunnigan
2nd oldest daughter

Carolena Dunnigan
oldest daughter

Jack Patrick (Pat) Dunnigan
only son

Peeper, adopted grandmother

Miss Ella Dunnigan, mother

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