May 8, 2011

Not the Same

I went shopping today.  I had to.  I had coupons!  20% off this item.  50% off that item.  Come to find out, when one reads the finer print, the 50% was only on the red dot sale items. After two hours of filling my arms, this store had no shopping carts, said arms was too tired to continue, so it was off to the dressing room to face the three-way mirrors.  Oh, and I had no red dot items.

That horror of the hall of mirrors over, I actually found two summer sweaters and a gift for my daughter.  I can't tell you what that gift is because my child is a follower of this blog, always seeking her mother's wisdom.  I know, poor baby.

Well, I got those sweaters home, tried them on and guess what? They don't look the same to me as they did in the store. They're going back.  I didn't notice that the while the stripes in the front are vertical in the pink, tan and ecru sweater, they are horizontal across the back.  Not the best look for anyone.  The other long tan sweater with ruffles down  the front is just plain goofy looking. What is it about the lights in the store that dwindle a girl's visual acuity to the point she will spend money on something worthy only of wearing while washing the car?

Did I waste my time shopping this morning?  Heck no.  It is, was and, I hope, will continue to be motivation to avoid those late night snacks, one in particular, I'm thinking about right now.  Viva la silver linings!

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