July 12, 2012

Nait It!

I have two 3 inch nails in the wall where I hang clipboards.  The nails are just through the sheetrock and not into studs, so in short order, they get pushed almost flush into the wall when I hit them with the clipboard.  So how to I keep the nails from getting pushed all the way into the wall? I wrapped a rubber band around the center of each nail.  Now only an inch and a half goes into the wall, leaving another inch and a half sticking out and awaiting the clipboard.  While it might not be pretty, it sure is practical.  I'm so proud!

PS -  Clover, Dunnigan family friend and hired hand, uses this same trick in Amelia Island's MARK OF A MAN in 1898. And here I thought I was the only clever one. I did some research and found that rubber bands were patented in 1845 in England. Since this novel takes place in 1898, it could happen...