September 18, 2012

Same Old Word

If I've commented upon this before, then just consider this re-emphasis.  Why is it so many people, famous and not so famous, are reduced to describing something that is great, wonderful, marvelous, fabulous, astounding, and/or astonishing by only one word? Yup, all "everybody" says these days is, "That's amazing.  It's amazing." And, "Amazing."  Just tune in your ears and listen.  No only do celebrities and commentators say it over and over in an interview, but now it has invaded the masses.  Sure, there was "cool, swell, great, the bee's knees, cool beans, right on." Those words have mostly come and gone, although there are still a few holdouts who particularly like the word swell. (I shall remain nameless.) But come on, folks.  It's time to pull out the old thesaurus and come up with another positive word besides amazing.  If I never hear it again, well, that would be amazing!