September 16, 2012

Goodbye Lie Diaries - A Wonderful Gift

Jane Marie writes:
I had to share. A new friend, Mirina, made this beautiful double-layered yarn cross for me. It's about nine inches long which had to have taken her hours and hours to create.  She told me she couldn't find blue tipped flowers so took a magic marker and colored the edges of all the blossoms to match the blue border.  It is a gift I  will treasure always.
Fernandina - Grandmother Peeper writes:

I make yarn crosses, too, but mine is crocheted and they's smaller.  I don't have no flowers on mine. Come ta think a it, that's a good idee. And the ribbon- I like that part. Who says this old dog cain't learn no new tricks.  Like the ant said ta the clock- If'n ya don't rest your hands, ya won't be able ta dust the table! Remember that.