May 7, 2013

50th Annual Shrimp Festival

Friday afternoon we set up the tent, dodging raindrops and wearing our Disney World ponchos with Mickey Mouse on the back. We'd put up the tent before but never the side curtains. Like squeezing 20 pounds of potatoes into a 10 lb. sack, we managed to get the zippers down on all sides. The most surprising part was the front flap ended up at the front of the tent.  A few mishaps occurred by nothing major.  My wet flip flops slipped off the ladder and I fell on my elbow but the picket fence behind the tent broke my fall. 
It rained all day Saturday while we, along with all the other vendors, waited patently inside for the heavens to dry up. Didn't happen. The winds blew, knocking over this, breaking that- my main poster frame and glass--bummer. A few patrons walked about town under umbrellas. When someone found my tent, I knew my carefully combed hair and makeup was less than perfect.  "Please excuse the way I look."  "You look just like everybody else," she replied.  How right she was.  Finally, at 5 pm, the official shut down time anyway, we exited the tent, zipping her up and left for the night.
It was sprinkling at 7 am on Sunday.  Out came the ponchos but by 9ish, someone shouted, "Look, look!  Blue sky!"  Whoops and hollers roared and the streets filled with thousands of town folk and visitors ready to cram two days of fun into one. It was a good show, at least one day of it, and we were all glad for that.
It took longer to tear down than it did set up and we had more stuff to get home.  Bruce explained it was because he'd made several trips home for more things like shelves and racks at my request.  I forgot that part.  With his pickup literally overflowing and tied down as tightly as he could get it, I followed him home, ready to flash my lights if and when something fell off the back.  Despite hitting a pothole or two, nothing landed in the street! We unloaded his truck once home, but were so tired, we left my car packed until---Well, it's still loaded. It's on the list to do tomorrow, two days after the event. 
A great big thank you to all the new friends I met at the Shrimp Festival.  Join us here at the Gracious Jane Marie Blog and where we celebrate
 heart and home with roses, recipes and tasteful romance! 
 the tent was up just before the rain - that's Jane Marie peeking out
setting up inside the tent while the rains came and came and came,
 note book in ziplock bag for safe keeping

Jane Marie's stuff

                    painted art glass, painted crystal necklace, easel art- where the livin' is easel, tea tiles

The Goodbye Lie- what started it all...

                                                             hand painted carafes for wine, water or juice
Secret Pebbles-hand painted stones, verses with organza gift bags
and then the sun shown.  Oh happy, happy day!
See you next year!

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