May 21, 2013

Diet Dessert

I came up with this gem of a recipe I like to call Chocolate, Butter, Sugar Juice. While it's really not much of a recipe, the good news is you probably have all the ingredients on hand.  When you need a sweetie and chocolate but don't want to eat the whole cake or box of cookies, try this. No flour calories plus the real secret is to eat this with a fork.  It's a slow process so you can savor each bite and your sweet teeth will be satisfied.  Enjoy!

You'll need:

a microwavable proof glass
a pat of butter or any kind of margarine or cholesterol cutting spread you use
a dusting of cocoa
a pack of Splenda or Stevia
a splash of vanilla
a small blob of peanut butter (optional)

Mix the above ingredients and nuke in the microwave until melted.
Be sure to use a pot holder to retrieve the hot glass.

It might not be pretty but it sure serves as a sweetie substitute.

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