May 29, 2013

Hollywood Hearts-The Great Gatsby

New York. 1922.  The tempo of the city had changed. The buildings here higher.  The parties were bigger. The morals were looser and the liquor was cheaper. The restlessness approached hysteria. -The Great Gatsby.

View The Great Gatsby's official trailer.

We just saw The Great Gatsby and I liked it.  Filmed in Australia, the scenery, the sets, the costumes, oh those costumes, and Leonardo DeCaprio were standouts.  He played the ever hopeful Jay Gatsby.  At 38, his face is still pretty and, as he ages, I think he will remain a handsome man. His intense blue eyes speak of his love... If you are not familiar with F. Scott Fitzgerald's famous novel, please read it, and watch this movie. I don't want to spoil the story for you here.

Computers are heavily involved in the making of this film, yet the actors still emote and the drama seems real in an artfully unrealistic way.  Tobey MacGuire, aka Spiderman, did a believable job as Gatsby's friend. I read they are friends in every day life, too.  I also heard someone say Carey Mulligan was not exotic enough to play Daisy, the main female character. I don't think she needed to be exotic.  Gatsby's love for her was pure and although she wore the ornate dresses and glitter and pearls of the rich Roaring Twenties, her face carried an innocence to warrant his want for her.

View a video of Carey Mulligan's Vogue shoot as she reads from the novel. .

View The Great Gatsby and Tiffany's 2013 Blue Book Collection jewelry-

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I was disappointed by all the electronic music and screaming vocals. One trailer I found played a ragtime tune, but the movie soundtrack was more modern, more Moulin Rouge.  Come to find out, the director of Gatsby, Baz Luhrman, likewise directed Moulin Rouge.  Don't get me wrong.  I loved the music in Moulin Rouge.  I've seen it several times- on purpose.  Perhaps they were going for a younger audience in The Great Gatsby.  Did I hear a rapper at one point?  Not sure. The music was often distracting.

Music aside, it's worth the price of matinee admission, at least, to see the hundreds of extras in all their glamorous glory, plus you still have DeCaprio's blue eyes...

I want to thank YouTube and its contributors for putting up such great clips for me to find and share with all of you.