May 18, 2014

Hollywood Hearts- CHER LIVE

Five girlfriends and I went to the Dressed to Kill 2014 Cher concert in Jacksonville, Florida. The opening act was Cyndi Lauper. In black leather and a wicked long red wig, she looked great and sang for a solid hour.  What surprised me was the power in her voice doing At Last near the end of her performance. Her only props were a backdrop of psychedelic colors. Since part of the fun for me, besides the music and the costumes, are the sets, I guessed Cher's show would be the same level of nothing stage production.
Take It Like a Man  (Where is Cher? Watch the video and see.)
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Man-oh-man was I wrong.  Cher's show was full-blown Las Vegas-style entertainment! And at age 68, she looked beautiful.  I took my binoculars and, checking out the movie screens on either side of the stage, she hadn't a wrinkle.  We all know she's had work done, but it is the best work ever. Hats off to her doctors and her face isn't so stiff that she can't smile. I sincerely mean this in the best way possible.
So back to the show.  Cher began with a question to the audience, something like, "So where is your granny tonight?", and she was off.  Beginning with  Woman's World,  it morphed into some vampire thing, not my favorite,  and she continued to sing seventeen more songs, all of which were hits.  Between her songs, her dozen dancers wiggled and writhed in their expected scanty costumes while she changed wigs and outfits, oh the outfits.

 The sets changed, too, with the help of a huge back screen wild with a castle interior or a Greek temple (as in first picture/video above) on fire or glittering stars, all with the accompanying flashing flurry of ever-changing lights bouncing to the beat. With so much to see, there was no way to take it all in the first time. Bring on  I found the video clips there and most of the traveling tour show can be seen, too.  It doesn't compete with being in the Veteran's Coliseum live with Cher, but it will give you a good clue as to what it was like.
Sonny and Cher singing I Got You Babe

She didn't forget Sonny and sang an I Got You Babe duet with him from their old black and white TV show days.  She said it took her a long time to be able to get through it.  She mastered it without a hitch. The scenery was back and white, so she popped in her red body suit. Bring on the golden Trojan Horse and her exit from it. Colors and glitter and sparkle were everywhere as her performance lasted about an hour and three-quarters.  It was a workout but you'd never know because it's all a part of her.  She said this is her final-final tour and then winked.  I'm glad she winked.  She can never say goodbye to her music, her sequins and her great hair.  Her fans won't let her.  
 Hope You Find It, closing number
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I snapped the photos of Cher myself.  The two videos are from  Thank you, as always to them and those who post for all of us to see.