July 11, 2014

My Dogs by Guest Blogger Ava

Coco and Nina (left to right)
Hi everybody!
It's Ava, Jane Marie's granddaughter. For a week in the summer, I always come to my Grammy's house for Grammy Camp with my two dogs, Coco and Nina.  I am going to tell you a story about how I got my dogs. One day, my mom went to the shelter.  She doesn't normally go in there but she said she had a feeling. When she was in there, all of a sudden, a dog started scratching, trying to get to my mom. My mom asked if she could hold the little doggie.  After everything, she ended up getting him.  We call him Coco. In 2011, we went to a parade and he won an award for the Smallest Holiday Package!
My other dog, Nina, was in foster care when we got her.  We were walking by the pet store and there was a booth for dogs.  I asked if we could go in there.  My mom said we could but just for a little bit. There we found a little dog the size of Coco.  My mom asked if we could buy her. Now we have two dogs. I'm glad we have Coco and Nina. 
Then we got another dog named Abby. We had three Chihuahuas at one time!  The trouble was that Abby liked my dad more than me and growled when I went to hug him. So we asked Grammy if she would take Abby.  She did and now Grammy calls her Abby, the Singing Sensation, and they make videos together.  My Grammy is lots of fun and we are always laughing.  Abby likes that, I think.  She doesn't growl so much anymore so everybody is happy and I don't have to worry about her chewing on my shoe laces.  Abby, I mean, not Grammy.

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