August 5, 2014

Lucy Moment - Could It Happen To You?

So there I was, peacefully deep in thought about how best to shock readers into believing the blind woman was about to drill a ... Well, that's when I was interrupted by a man, fortunately an acquaintance of mine, holding a gray rag of some kind.  Being an expert on rags, you should see the contents of my closet because I hate to go shopping, I quickly deduced it was more than a mere rag.  My friend asked if I recognized the item he was holding.  I shyly admitted that, indeed, I did.  It was my husband's boxer shorts!

After they all, there were others in the room, finally cleared the tears of laughter from their eyes, my friend explained. "I was walking past your car and spotted this hanging from the mirror on your passenger door.  Explain yourself."

"It's quite apparent, isn't it?  Bruce is a bad shot," I said. "He must have tossed his shorts in the dirty laundry basket in the garage or thought he had.  Not realizing he'd overshot the target, they landed on my car mirror and I've been driving around town for two days with his drawers flapping in the wind for all to see, like a football fan flying his colors." All I could think to say after that was a weak, "Go team?"

recreated drawers hanging from Graciousmobile
close-up of drawers

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