September 15, 2014

Doggie Workout Video

Amelia Island's Abby, our talking, singing, joke-telling Chihuahua, is at it again.  Now she has her own exercise video.  You see, it all began when she put on the workout suit I made her from an old sweat sock.  Yes folks, with a no sewing and a few snips of the scissors, you can create a new outfit for your small doggie, too. 

Abby in her sweatband made from the sock cuff

Abby speed digging beneath her dog towel while wearing her sweat sock exercise togs

May we suggest that you and your dog take a look-see and a listen to Abby's workout video  below with the hope it will inspire your lumpy, porky puppy AND you to get up and MOVE. Even if it is  just one extra wag of your tails, to Abby's way of thinking, that qualifies as exercise. 

In case you don't speak Chihuahua, here are the lyrics to her workout ditty:
Hello everybody!  It's time to exercise!
And a one and a bark and a sniff and poop.
And a two and a bark and eat and poop.
And  three and a bark and run and poop.
One and two and poop, poop, poop!
Now, don't you feel better?

Use these instruction to make your dog a sock sweater: 
Thank you, Phillip.
(Abby I is our current Abby's ancestor. Given as a birthday gift in the 1880s to Aunt Noreen, a major player in my Goodbye Lie series of novels, Abby I lives out back of Duffy Place with Justice, Noreen's hired hand.  Since Aunt Noreen dislikes everything about dogs, from their fur to their smell, Abby I is fat and happy with Justice.  Abby I makes a cameo appearance in Amelia Island's Mark of a Man, the third novel in my trilogy. -jmm)

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