November 25, 2015

Million Dollar Moments

Because I  attended a ladies' luncheon, I will never look at M&Ms the same way again.  The favors included individual cupcake papers filled with colorful M&Ms, which represented Million Dollar Moments,  the theme of the guest speaker, Clara Thompson.  By that she meant, tiny things that you witness, participate in, enjoy, or experience can touch you so deeply, you will remember them forever.  She mentioned her sleeping grandchild's hair in her face while they cuddled in bed, as one of her Million Dollar Moments.  I remember holding my father's hand as an adult while walking in the rain. That was one of my Moments.  We all have so many, if we slow down and think about them.
Clara Thompson
So this Thanksgiving, or any time, you list what you are grateful for, think of the smallest perfections that have blessed your life.


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