July 30, 2016

Grammy Camp 2016 Antics

Corn Husk Dolls
Annual Grammy Camp was a success, once again!  Granddaughter Ava and I tried new activities, made new crafts, cooked and ate what we cooked, and laughed more than we have ever laughed before.  That's the best part of Grammy Camp, after all. Here are some pics from the good times we shared! 
Painting Secret Pebbles

Jewelry Making   
Fine Dining

Painting Mailboxes

Painting More Secret Pebbles

 Contortions on the Beach in the Name of Physical Fitness

Cooking No Bake Cookies

History Class at Fort Clinch

Chemistry AKA Salad Dressing

Book Marks from Paint Chips
Science Experiment - Growing Crystals and It Worked!

Music Appreciation on the Spam Canjo

Drawing Class - Subject is Abby, the Singing Chihuahua

P.S. Our only activity "fail" was making our own lip gloss from a kit.  Well, in a pinch, maybe it wasn't a complete fail.  I mean, if your lips were so parched they were cracked, the lumpy wax bits, which didn't melt, might offer just enough grease to sooth any blisters.  Nah.  It was a fail. But it was still fun.