July 20, 2016

Novel Music Heard At Last

Paolo Alontti, male player in Amelia Island's Velvet Undertow, set in 1889, is a world famous conductor.  The music, Mosquito Waltz, on the cover of this novel, represents his part in the story. I found this music in an old book called Music for the Pump Organ, which I found in my husband's grandmother's wind-up Victrola. 

It so happens, we have our very own antique pump organ.  Now, while I can pick out a tune or two, so long as there is only one sharp or one flat in a piece, my keyboard skills are lacking, and, thereby, I had never heard Mosquito Waltz played.  When I discovered my new friend, Linda Plumlee Riley, played the piano, I asked her if she would give it a try.  Click on the picture above of Velvet Undertow, my dear friends, and listen to  Mosquito Waltz, as you would have heard it in 1889, played on the instrument for which it may have been written. Thank you, Linda.