January 15, 2017

Results for Did She or Didn't She?

Here are the results of my Did Mom or didn't Mom dust her brownies with powered sugar? unscientific survey.  Two out of three people say, YES, Mom dusted her brownies with powdered sugar!  And responses came from all over the country, so I can't really determine if dusting was/is a regional thing. (These are the items that clog my mind.) 

A few of your comments that accompanied your replies are:

"At my request, my Mum made brownies for my birthday instead of a cake." - Jean, Brunswick, GA

"My mother used to bake her brownies with a cream cheese layer." - Ruthie, New York, NY

"My sainted mother always burned our brownies.  She felt badly, so we blamed it on our old oven being too hot." - Joan, San Jose, CA

Thank you to all who took the time to impart their childhood recollection of mother and brownies, two of our favorite things! (in that order)

As I was baking a pan of brownies for our church spaghetti dinner,  I got to thinking about having brownies as a little girl. Then I started wondering if everybody's mother dusted her brownies with powdered sugar or left them plain. 

So, in the category of meaningless knowledge, I'm taking a most unscientific survey.  Either email me at graciousjanemarie@yahoo.com with a simple YES or NO in the subject line or respond to this post on Facebook in the same way. I'll give you a week or so to reply. 

If you want to take this matter further,  please leave the state or part of the country/world you're from and I may be able to semi-conclude if powdered sugar is a regional thing. 

Hey, why not? Right?   (Insert Jane Marie's big smile here.)

P. S.  If you're wondering what the rectangular line is around the edge of the brownies in the photo above, I'll tell you.  A long time ago, in a city far away, a wonderful friend told me she always whittles about half an inch or so from the edge of the brownies before she cuts them into squares and serves them.  Why?  Well, the edges are oft times crispy and, therefore, a bit less than desirous to serve.  More importantly, those edges are perfect for the baker to ingest and, if she's feeling generous, share with her family, anxious for a sample. Hmm, about that sharing thing ... (Insert another smile here.) 

(I promise not to add your email address to our list unless you insist. Heck, I rarely send out email blasts since readers seem to find us and our world so readily online.)