April 4, 2017

Free and Fun

Jane Marie's
toilet paper tube flower
I discovered snowflakes made of toilet paper tubes while I was scrolling through wonderful #Pinterest. Here is my version of what I think are the basics in making TP  #ornaments: Flatten a toilet paper tube  in half lengthwise and then cut it into 1/4 inch pieces. Make your style of a snowflake pattern with the pieces and glue them together. Once dry, apply spray paint and toss on some glitter while that paint is still wet.  Add a simple ribbon and hang them anywhere.

Because I am scientifically inclined, everybody knows that about me,  I personally had to check out the dynamics of flattening a toilet paper tube in half and cutting it into strips.  Ah, but my end game was not to make ornaments.  No,  I left the strips loose in order for people to make their own designs atop a colored sheet of paper.  It's fun to watch folks, young and old, either mindlessly or with purpose #create designs.  One man added a few coins for the centers of flowers while another stripped a few leaves from  nearby plant to add color.

With an endless supply of toilet paper tubes, who knows what beautiful art will be crafted.  I have discovered that different brands of TP have different colors/shades of rolls inside the paper.  There is another exciting bonus for you! 

P.S.  Don't use paper towel tubes because they are generally thicker and harder to smash in half plus some may be difficult to cut through.

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