April 21, 2017

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow- Goodbye Lie Diaries

Late 1800s
Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida

Miss Ella writes:
     It was lovely chatting with you the other day, Jane Marie. How wonderful it is that you are able to show a photograph of what could be my very own Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow bush.  Mine is planted at the base of my white rose climber.  You recall my rose garden is beside and slightly behind Dunnigan Manor, but still visible as you come up the front drive. The white in the roses brings out the contracting shades of purple, lavender and white on the bush.
Miss Ella
     I grew mine from cuttings given to me by Mrs. Ickles.  I planted two sprigs in Aunt Noreen's front flower bed.  I think, perhaps, she was too attentive and a bit heavy-handed with the water. They do not like their feet wet, so it did not survive.  Gardening is not one of her prime interests, especially if it is hot enough to make Auntie glow and glisten, if you understand my meaning.  

Modern times
Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, Florida

 Jane Marie writes:    Since your Dunnigan Manor is only a few blocks from our house, Miss Ella, the growing conditions are the same, and my YTT bush is, indeed, doing well, as you can see. 
     I did a little research to tell our readers a bit about this plant. The official name is brunfelsia. As a shrub, it likes warm climates and blooms in the spring and summer.  In the colder areas, it will grow in a pot.  My plant is in the full sun. However, it will also grow well if there is a little shade.  Just make sure it has more sun than shade. Yes, the soil needs to be well drained.  I found out, too, that the seeds are poison to children and animals!

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