July 7, 2017


I've come across a few strange characters while book signing over the years. Two-legged and four-legged ... Do you remember the unicorn??? (If you missed it, click here: http://graciousjanemarie.blogspot.com/2015/11/unicorn-pays-visit.html Well, add this to the list. 
     There I was, outside Sea Jade, Amelia Island's favorite Old Florida souvenir shop on Centre Street in our historic town of Fernandina Beach.  Chatting with some very nice tourists, I interrupted myself to exclaim, " Holy moly!  Is that -?  Sure is!"  Not a kangaroo, but according to the owner carrying the precious critter around in a cloth pouch, it was a wallaby!   Much smaller than a kangaroo, she explained Oliver will get to two feet or a little more.  Like a dog, he is her pet.  At night, he sleeps in this pouch, which hangs from a door knob.  He has recently discovered he can jump out of the pouch. She and her husband are going to try a playpen to corral the little critter next.  Good luck.  Me thinks it won't be long before Oliver will be running the household and pretty much their whole world. 
     What fun it was for everyone who spied the sweet, gentle animal she's raised from a baby.  Her kindness has clearly rubbed off on it because anybody could pet it.

So next time you're on Amelia Island, keep a lookout and be prepared to be surprised in a wonderful way.

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