September 18, 2018

Back Cover Blurb from Amela Island/s Velvet Undertow

in Ebook and Paperback

The Goodbye Lie series

“Where Little House on the Prairie meets
Gone With the Wind”

     Witnessing the unthinkable, Carolena Dunnigan’s secure life on Amelia Island, at the edge of the world, turns to ashes. Determined to save her siblings, she flees to Charleston, South Carolina for work. Entanglement with a world-famous conductor, plus ghastly revelations, drive her to Pennsylvania and the horrific Johnstown Flood of 1889. It washes away secrets of the past, but who will survive to claim love?

Review: I like how you extensively describe Johnstown [PA] that day, in the hours before the breaking of the dam. That the city was already such a mess is often forgotten in the drama. … [After the flood of 1887], we suspect that morning [of May 31, 1889] was like [this], only a bit worse.  –Douglas J Richardson, Park Ranger, Allegheny Portage Railroad NHS, Johnstown Flood NMem, Southfork, PA

Known to her fans as Gracious Jane Marie of, author Jane Marie Malcolm celebrates HEART and HOME every day with Roses, Recipes and Romance.  She is the creator of Martha Bear’s world, spokesbear for this blog, and continues work on future novels and short delights to entice, puzzle, and surprise her loyal legion of readers.

The Goodbye Lie Series, featuring Amelia Island's Velvet Undertow is available here HERE

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