May 8, 2019

Mom's 7 Minute Boiled White Icing

Mary Jo Malcolm
photo by granddaughter, Ava
     Did I ever mention I think Mother's Day should be celebrated on the birthdays of a mother's children as well as our national holiday?  After all we put our moms through in their lives, one day a year just doesn't seem enough time to honor them. Just a thought ...   
      My mother-in-law,  Mary Jo, has made what she calls 7 Minute Boiled White Icing and it is her son's favorite.  Because of that, I make it for  Bruce for his birthday every year.  Slathered over a chocolate cake, it forms a crust once spread. When you cut into it, the soft gooey vanilla flavored frosting awaits.  Somewhere in a past website or blog post, I have put up this recipe.  I thought I would again, in honor of Mother's Day. 
     Hope you can read old fashioned writing because it's in Mary Jo's own hand, which makes it all the more special. (Being able to read recipes and love letters written by sainted relatives is another reason to teach cursive in school!) 

Sorry, I cut off the left side of the back of the recipe card when I snapped this picture.  It says: Stir until icing is thick enough to spread  (or until it forms soft peaks). Add vanilla just before it is spread on the cake.  (Spread immediately on cooled cake. Oh, I always make a double batch!)

Happy Mother's Day!

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