June 20, 2019

Gone With The Wind Discovery!

     Being a "Windie" from way back, I usually watch Gone With The Wind just about every time it is on Turner Classic Movies. Thank you, TCM!  Since I know the dialogue, I focus on the details including the backgrounds, the sets, the hair styles, the architecture, the costuming, etc., basically everything.  This time, for the first time, I noticed there are holes in Aunt Pittypat's black parasol as she's escaping the Yankees in her carriage!!!  Since I DVRed the movie, I was able to pause it and then took a shot of the scene with my cell phone.  (Notice at the top of the picture is the pink and white glass piece I made many moons ago in my stained glass phase. This is proof of my in home discovery!)  While the designers planned her parasol to look worn and weary, Aunt Pitty Pat is so enthusiastic in her fright, my eyes have always fallen on her performance until now.  What a fun find for a Windie! It is all about those details, details, details! 

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