May 22, 2020

Ribbon and Lace Curtain and The Goodbye Lie Diaries - Breelan

Where Love and Lace Reign – This phrase is a description of my historical fiction series, The Goodbye Lie, as well as my attitude toward life.  With that in mind, most anything to do with ribbon and lace will catch my eye.  This time it was on Pinterest.  There I spied photos of wall hangings, curtains and valances handcrafted from both.  Immediately, my mind’s eye searched my home as to where I might hang something similar.  I knew well I had decades of lace from attending sales at Cloth World in Jacksonville, Florida where they sold it for a-penny-a-yard.  Yes, a penny-a-yard, limit $1.00! Never mind, that I have used much of it on trim for pillows, christening gowns, quilts, baby blankets, doll dresses, ornaments, wreaths, frames, wedding trim, etc.  And there is still plenty left. If there is a place for lace, I’m in.

I decided the perfect spot in the house for my creation, about the only spot, if truth be told, would be over the sidelight by our front door.  As I pulled forth the glorious trim, memories flowed.  There was the pink embroidered ribbon I used to trim my Barbra’s burgundy vest and skirt giving her that Heidi Swiss look, the different patterned ecru lace I used to trim the Victorian Christmas stockings, the green lace that edged the cross stitched Irish tablecloth – You get the idea.
After two days of knotting together 25 six-foot lengths of mostly soft colors of ribbon to lace, ribbon to ribbon and/or lace to lace, I tied them to the top curtain rod, leaving the tails of the knots as scattered accents. While that would be quite sufficient for most, I just had to add embellishments. A pink bow from the perfume bottle from Bruce, the tiny sand dollar given to me, a miniature bell, a white silk flower from my sister Peggy’s wedding, a mauve leather bow gathered with rhinestones in the center from a beloved pair of uncomfortable yet adorable heels, these are only some of the added treasures. 
The curtain in  the photo above is the result. Bohemian would be the description some might use.  I just call it wonderful!  

If you are inclined to make something similar, and don’t have 150 feet of ribbon and lace laying about, make a much shorter wall hanging, using twine, yarn, shoelaces and just enough ribbon and lace to be the accents.  You can’t go wrong because there is no right way, just a fun way.  Enjoy!   -Jane Marie

The Goodbye Lie Diaries

Late 1800s
Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida

*Breelan Dunnigan writes:  This is a fine idea, Jane Marie, and I know just the person who will appreciate it.  Grammy!  Since she taught me how to make a braided rug, she will love it and she has that sack of scraps and trim she is forever pulling from to create her treasures.  Mmm, if I make something for Grammy, I had best be making one for Peeper.  And I do not want to leave out my mother. I am sure there will be enough supplies for everyone.  I can look for the perfect dry sticks in the woods from which to hang the lengths.   Those cloth strips meant for Grammy’s rugs will work well.  When she asks where some of her trims have disappeared to, I will tell her I am working on Christmas gifts, so she is not allowed to ask any more questions.  With Jack Patrick around and the way he tears up his shirts and trousers as he does and with Marie forever ending up with only one hair ribbon, Grammy’s supply will replenish itself in short order.  I do hope each of my efforts will be presentable enough to give as gifts.
Breelan Dunnigan


*Breelan is the scond oldest sister in the family of four Dunnigan siblings in north Florida in 1882.  Life on an island is filled with sun and salty times and she is prime in the mix in the first novel in the series, The Goodbye Lie. Her naivete does not serve her well with regard to matters of the heart. She will learn from her mistakes, but not soon enough ... 

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