June 7, 2020

Write Wail

Silly things, such as write wail,  just come to me.  

Of course, my first thought is how it describes an author struggling to imagine the  next clever plot twist in his or her story. After long hours having that dreaded writer's block, they let out one heck of a yowl or write wail. Happily, I confess that a lack of mental creativity has never been my concern because my mind is always squirmin' like a toad.* 

Then again, write wail could be a description of a mother or grandmother pleading with her teenager to write a thank you note to Aunt Lulu for that thoughtful dorm room gift of a repurposed upside down plunger turned topiary. (Yes, it has been done, but not by Aunt Lulu ... Just sayin' ...) -jmm

*The great phrase sqirmin' like a toad is from Riders on the Storm by The Doors.  Thank you

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