October 21, 2020

Easy Halloween Costume!


I found this picture amongst the rubble of files in my laptop.  I'd forgotten about it.  We all dressed as scarecrows once upon a time when I held the monthly Bunko party at my house.   

Easy costume  to make!

Find a plaid or stripped shirt of some sort.  The one I'm wearing I found in the back of my hubby's closet.  A flannel shirt would work well, too.  I tied a multi-colored raffia bow at the neck.  Add jeans or bib overalls.  Tie a rope around your waist.  Decorate a straw hat with artificial flowers, birds, fruits or veggies or the real thing if you have them.  If you have tan raffia, you can hang it from under the hat to look like hair.  One of the other ladies did this and it was very cute.  I wore my hair in pigtails and added burgundy wire ribbon to each to make big bows.  Then I put on some bright lipstick and, using brown eyeliner, I outlined my mouth. A few more strokes and you can see the stitching onto my cheeks and around my eyes.  Such fun, it didn't cost me any money because I had everything around the house.  This costume works for every member of the family, too! 

 Happy Halloween!    - jmm


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