December 13, 2020

Timeless Snowman Craft Plus The Goodbye Lie Diaries - Breelan and Nora

Present Day
Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, Florida

    Meet my  Snowman.  He's a happy fellow I created years ago.  He decided to resurface in the attic and so I thought I'd share him with you.  Easy to create, he would be flattered if you made a replica of him. When you do, please share a photo of your snowman so we can all see his new relatives!:

You'll Need:

8 1/2 inch Hurricane Glass (available at craft and hardware stores or online)

Alcohol to clean any oils off the hurricane glass so the paint will adhere

White spray or liquid paint meant for glass (read the label to be sure)

Colorful sock for hat

Pompom and Christmas trim for the hat

Black paint

Orange paint

Light blue paint for snowflake decoration

Small paint brush

Pencil for decorative snowflake dots

     Wipe the hurricane glass down with alcohol.  Let dry.  Outdoors or in a ventilated area, cover the outside of the hurricane glass with white spray paint or use a paint brush. (Oh, try painting the inside of the glass white, but decorate the outside with the face.  It might end up adding visual depth.) Paint the face as pictured or your own version. Make the mouth with the eraser end of a pencil dipped in black paint.  If you don't reload the pencil eraser with paint, as you dab on the glass, the dots will diminish in size! (Practice on a scrap of paper first.)  Using the tiny end of a paintbrush or some other small dully pointed object, dip it in the light blue paint and dab on the the snowflakes. When dry, top with a sock, adding the trim with hot glue.   

Merry Christmas!

P.S. Do not put a burning candle inside.  A battery powered flickering candle would be pretty and you can also set your Snowman on a decorative plate.  He or she, if yours is a girl, will like that.


The Goodbye Lie Diaries

Late 1800s

Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida 

Breelan Dunnigan and Nora  discuss Jane Marie's Snowman while looking for shark teeth on the beach:

Breelan Dunnigan

Breelan: Have you heard about Jane Marie making a snowman out of one of those glass hurricane  globes?

Nora: No, I haven't.  It sounds lovely.

Breelan:  I don't believe I would use the word lovely.  It's more ... ah ... whimsical.

Nora:  Oh, I like that better.  The only reason I said lovely is because mother is constantly trying to get me to talk more formal-like.  Her latest obsession, you know.

Breelan: Well then, when you're around her, describe everything as superb, delightful, excellent, magnificent, exceptional, admirable ... Oh, say sterling, too.  A week of highfalutin talk like that  and even Aunt Noreena, oh, sorry, that's what Peeper calls your mother as you know, well, even Aunt Noreen will feel the strain of the pretense and go back to normal talk.

Nora Duffy

Nora: That's an outstanding observance, my esteemed cousin.  I shall endeavor to do preciesely as you advocate.  

Breelan:  You are so silly, Nora.

Nora:  Yes, I am, Bree.  That's why you like me so much. Now tell me about this glass snowman.

After explaining the process, Breelan said, "We have so many old oil lamps in the barn, no one will miss them.  We can make early Christmas presents for our mothers and a few for our daddies' offices and one for the little house for Peeper.   You know how much she treasures any handmade anything from her grands.

Nora: She still has the pot holder or what's left of it I wove when I was seven, the one with the charred corner where it fell on the stove and caught fire.  

Breelan: That's our Peeper. Everyone loves Peep because she loves everyone.

Nora: Almost.  Then there's my mother...

 Read all about the lives and passionate loves of the Dunnigan men and women of Amelia Island's Goodbye Lie series.  Their deeds and misdeeds will sometimes surprise you, shock you,  and bring you to laughter and tears, just like real life.

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