February 18, 2021

Another Peeperism - Fashion

Remember this and ya best be wise.
 A low cut blouse will oft call flies.           - Peeper




Who is Peeper? 
    ** Mid 1880s - Peeper Clegg is the wise and beloved grandmother from  The Goodbye Lie romantic mystery/suspense series who knocked on the Dunnigan family front door one day when Mr. Michael was off to war.  There, in the tiny seaside town of Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida, she had heard his wife, Miss Ella, and little girls, Breelan and Carolena, could use help.  Pushing her way over the threshhold, once Peeper entered the home, she never left.  And everyone who knows this adopted grandmother loves her often outlandish personality, her always loving ways, her delicious forced feedings and her elixer-fixers. (That is everyone except Aunt Noreen, who lives next door, visits Dunnigan Manor far too often and raises a ruckus every time she appears.  Of course, Peeper relishes needling Aunt Noreena, as she calls her.) So, through the magic of electronics, a scattering of stardust and a fluttering of bluebird feathers, she and the others on Amelia Island can communicate from their time to ours and we can communicate back!      

* Photo courtesy of Pixabay.com - Thank you -jmm

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