May 6, 2021

Pictorial Bouquet for Mom


     If you are unable to be with your mother this Mother's Day, along with a selfie, send her pictures of your flowers, greenery, herbs, whatever you have, as a long-distance pictorial bouquet. (I recently did this with a friend far away.  I think she really appreciated the gesture.)  Don't have any outdoor plants of your own? Take some pics of the neighbor's vegetation so she can see what you look at each day.  Try a picture of a houseplant you've been nurturing.  Don't have flora of any kind? Take a shot of what you're cooking on the stove or  have just pulled from the oven. It doesn't matter what you text or email your mom because communication of any kind will tell her she's in your thoughts, the same as you are in hers. Nothing need be fancy.  If you're watching your pennies, and who isn't, send her a few snaps of the goings-on in your world.  She really wants to know. And a phone call or video chat would be a bonus.  Just sayin' ...   😉


                              needs fertilizer

         a cheat picture inserted here from a bouquet not my own

                                                   first tomato of the season!

Make and/or recall memories on 
Mother's Day

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