July 6, 2018

A Little Popcorn with Your Butter?

      I enjoy going to the movies. I like the films almost as much as I do the popcorn.  Well, it's the butter I'm crazy about ... I know it's bad for me, but sometimes I take one of those "wild-side walks." I'm quite the rebel, you know.
     The age-old question arises. How does one get butter onto the popped kernels in the middle of the bag?  Sure, it's easy to drizzle butter on the top popcorn. It's just far tastier to have some down inside, too. To that end, I saw a terrific hack on Facebook that works.  Maneuver a straw half-way down through the bag of popcorn, hold the stray under the butter dispenser, drizzle said butter down the straw and there you have it.  Yummo! 
     Oh, do plan on buying a whole new wardrobe because not only will your waistband soon get too tight, but your shirts will be covered in grease stains where the butter soaked through the bottom of the bag.  Pleasures often have consequences, don't they?  🍿

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