July 11, 2018

Genius Plus The Goodbye Lie Diaries - Leona

     Women are always questing for longer eyelashes.  Layers of mascara, false lashes with glue, they all take time to apply or smear or fall off.           
     Enter what I think of as pure genius: magnetic lashes.  Note the picture above.  The tiny red dot on the "bottom" lash is the magnet.  There is another magnet on the "top" lash. This is how they work. You lay the top false lash atop your own lashes, then add the bottom false lash beneath, snapping the magnets in place, sandwiching your real lashes between. Genius. Am I right? 
     Then here comes all-thumbs and fingers me. I turned on both bathroom lights, squinted into a magnifying mirror 8Xs normal strength and struggled for over seven minutes to achieve the lush lash groove which the directions said should take three seconds with practice. The magnet held fast, no problem there, but my positioning was off.  Instead of them laid against my lash line, as they were supposed to be, they ended up on the tips of my real lashes, crooked at that, thereby extending their length nearly to my brow. I came away looking like a cross between a Twiggy wanna-be, a supermodel in the 1960s with killer lashes, and a hairy spider.     The good news is I saved my receipt and will get my money back.

Disclaimer: I did not mention the name of this product because I don't want to hurt their reputation. I only wanted to show my lame attempt at personal beautification. 

Late 1800s
Fernandina, Florida

Leona writes: I am blessed with naturally long eyelashes. I take a spoon and curl my lashes against my thumb and there you have it. Pity you simple women with only lash stubs. 

*Leona Visper
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*Although lovely, Leona Visper, a featured player in The Goodbye Lie,  is less than kind. Self-involved, she avoids acts of charity, in all cases ...

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