November 14, 2010

Where Do Secret Pebbles™ Go?

Everybody loves Secret Pebbles™ because the secret in the pebble is what the giver and the recipient share.  I got to thinking. Who can say they didn't have Secret Pebbles™ in 1889, the year in which my historic novel Amelia Island's Velvet Undertow is set. So, just before my manuscript went to press, I wove Secret Pebbles™ into the story in four places.  The last place I tied in the pebble in, I was literally typing and crying, I was so moved.

So moved, too, are those who find the same sweetness and "ahhh" factor in Secret Pebbles™ that I do as I hand paint each of them, and we're talking hundreds and hundreds.  I've heard many a loving comment as to where they will end up.  Here are only a few fine examples that touch me:

The customer picks a verse and a pebble
 and it all goes into a clear ziplock bag,
then a white organza drawstring gift pouch.
  • I'm going to have my 50th wedding anniversary.  They are throwing me a party and I want to give a Secret Pebble to both my bridesmaids."
  • "I'd like you to paint 100 Secret Pebbles™ in my daughter's high school colors, green and yellow, for  favors for her Sweet Sixteen Party!"
  • A returning customer said, "A few months ago, I told you my husband and his son weren't speaking. He gave a Secret Pebble™ to his son and now they're talking!"
  • "My neighbor watched my cat for me."
  • "As a thank you, I put a Secret Pebble™ on the pillow of my dinner hostess to find after I leave." What a great idea. I now do this.-jmm
  • "My friend has cancer."
  • "I'd like a cross and angel verse for my sister who is going through a job loss.  She needs to be reminded she's not alone.
  • "My son is depressed because he'll be in boot camp during the holidays and I want him to know he's in our hearts."
  • "I need six for my girlfriends.  We may be in our 50s, but we're having a slumber party.  I want to put one on each of their pillows as a surprise."
  • "My friend is 92 and she lost her son.  I want to give her a pebble that doesn't remind her of her sadness, but that lets her know we all care about her."  The giver settled on the may angels watch over you verse.
  • "My husband is serving in Afghanistan and I want a red, white and blue heart for his pocket."
  • "My friends and I are going to Ireland next year and I've been looking for something to give all of them. A green heart or rose would be perfect."
  • "Can you paint hearts in peach and white for my wedding reception favors?"
As you can see, the reasons for giving Secret Pebbles™ are many and varied.  Those heartfelt reasons only increase my love of the pebbles and make me want to paint more!

To order Secret Pebbles™ for your special occasion, contact me at graciousjanemarie@yahoo.

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