September 27, 2011

Goodbye Lie Diaries - Breelan - Writer to Writer

September 2011
Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida

Jane Marie writes:

Hi Breelan,

Wanted to tell you that this past weekend we had a gathering of local authors in our city Rec Center near Main Beach.  The weather was great, the public was welcolm (my personal spelling of the word)  and it was a full day of a wide variety of books from 45 writers. This was the first annual and we expect next year's show to be bigger! An especially big thank you to our two book stores downtown on Centre Street, Books Plus and The Book Loft. You'd love these places. Oh, the photograph below is me at the show.  I played with the color of the picture for giggles. If you're wondering what the black fringe is across the top, it is chair legs.  I was in front of the stage.

Being a part time reporter for the Florida Mirror, the forerunner of our News Leader, as well as in charge of advertising for your family's Aqua Verde Passenger Line, do you get much time for writing your stories?

September 1880s
Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida

Hello Jane Marie,

I do so love seeing your creative photographs. What fun that must be to have the means to not only make the pictures but colorize them at your whim.

As to your question about my writing, I steal the moments when I can.

How very exciting to share your books not only with the town folks but with other authors. There is talk of starting some sort of gathering for the writers in my century. Seems everyone is so busy, it is difficult to pin down a time and place. We only have four ladies and one man who show interest right now. Once our group is established, we hope it, too, will grow, the same as your annual book show.

It is less than kind to say this, however, I can confide in you. One reason we are slow to commence our writers' gathering is Aunt Noreen. She wants to join. Can you imagine that?  She's driven half the ladies from the Orchid Society and the Sunshine Ladies at church are about ready to string her up!  When you created Aunt Noreen, you surely created a pistol!

PS I fancy the idea of spelling my words however I like, the same as you. Should Sister Anestassia ever hear of such a thing, I fear she will have a hissy. Now that would be quite comical!

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