September 25, 2011

Round & Round

Used to be, I roller skated all over the neighborhood, like the other kids. I carried a skate key on a string around my neck to adjust the metal clamps that attached to the front sides of my shoe soles. Every now and again, they would rip off those soles or come loose, flip out and back and slam  the back of your heel. Owwww.  Those were the days. I remember, too, being the winner of the "Name That Tune" at the roller rink. Baby Elephant Walk, said I, to win some plastic bagpipes.

I am happy to say that after a couple, oh heck, a few decades, they still have roller rinks with tons of kids of all ages skating. I know this because I recently attended a birthday party with my granddaughter, Ava. She was so cute learning and I was right beside her,  myself on wheels.  While the music is modern day and so loud it would leave you deaf if you stayed in the place longer than two hours, I have the picture to prove that I too braved the danger of the whirling wheels and stated. I wasn't as graceful as I once was nor was I as swift, but I still have the knack for falling down! It's just like that "riding a bike thing."  You never forget how.

"Okay, who took the skate key?"

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