June 30, 2012

Give & Feel Good

If you are physically able, of course, and want to feel like you've done something worthwhile, give blood in your local community. It's one of those good wholesome all-American things to do and it can help save a life!  -Jane Marie

Bruce Malcolm just gave blood

June 27, 2012

Captain Fancy Patch

Martha Bear, Captain Fancy Patch & Swiney

Meet Captain Fancy Patch, skipper of the Rosey Freckle, homeport, Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida. His first mate is an eye-patched piggy named Swiney. A kindly sort, Captain Fancy Patch visits Stately Martha Manor, where Martha Bear® resides with her animal friends and Jane Marie who writes stories about all the critters for families to read free online at www.MarthaBear.com or you can watch and listen while Captain Fancy Patch reads the stories to you! See the link below to enjoy the 15 minute story time for bedtime or anytime! "Everyone wins when we read together," says the captain. And remember, Captain Fancy Patch will always keep an eye out for you!

Rosey Freckle

 Take 15 minutes,
settle back with the family and
watch the Captain Fancy Patch video
The Great Amelia Island Sniff-Off!
Click on the link below to see the video:


Left to Right  - Captain Fancy Patch*, Swiney, Wink E Bear, Martha Bear
with mantle photos of Jane Marie, Teddy O, and the Rosey Freckle

the "fancy patch"

 Captain Fancy Patch played by Bruce Malcolm
Martha Bear® short stories and Rosey Freckle painting by Jane Marie Malcolm
painting on mantle of old sailor and children by S. Perry Rufus

June 24, 2012

Another Year

My husband, Bruce Malcolm, was sworn in today to serve another year as Chaplain of Post 54 of the American Legion here in Fernandina Beach, Florida.  I am very proud of him.    - Jane Marie


Bruce Malcolm

June 19, 2012


If you know one thing about me, you know my mind is a constant whirl of random ricochets.  Hence, I have come up with what I call MITT WITS©, silly Romney stuff!  Enjoy!

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June 18, 2012

Goodbye Lie Diaries - Marie Dunnigan

Fernandina, Florida

Marie writes:  We do not have any sort of holiday honoring our fathers or mothers in my time, Jane Marie, but we should.  It is a grand idea.  I have three things to share about my wonderful father, Michael Dunnigan. 

1. Since I am the youngest sibling of four in our family, I was the last one to ride in the chair swing he made for us that still hangs in our barn so we could play even when it rained. I think you mention it in The Goodbye Lie. Now Daddy's grandchildren take turns on it. 

2. Daddy didn't laugh at me like Pat and Micky and Warren Lowell did when I tried playing the violin.

3. Daddy saved a baby mouse from being eaten by our cat and he let me keep it!  Mama was not happy, but Peeper did not complain because it kept Aunt Noreen from visiting all summer until it escaped.  That kept her away until Thanksgiving!

June 17, 2012

What Are 3 Fun Things About Your Father?

I thought Father's Day had been officially around about as long as Mother's Day, which became a formal national day of celebration by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914.  Was I ever wrong.  Richard Nixon finally made Father's Day a permanent holiday in 1972!

I was thinking about my father and decided to list three memories I hadn't thought of in a long time.

1. Whenever his children were sick and stayed home from school, he'd present us with a small gift, like a comic book, in a brown paper bag. 

2. I played 45 records on my little record player in the attic on weekends and after school as, day after day, Daddy worked to  transform the huge room,  into a bedroom for his girls.

3. He made special tether ball paddles for the children to hit a small rubber ball because it hurt our hands to slap the big ball on the rope.  

Come up with your own memories and enjoy!

Leo Harkins, my father


June 13, 2012

Amelia Lighthouse-Goodbye Lie Excerpt

Amelia Light
     Captain Taylor stood at the helm of the Gentle Comfort after having safely piloted her from the low-lying coastal savannah. Concentrating on the history of the local lighthouse in the distance to clear his head of thoughts of the girl, he struck up a conversation with Catfish, his first mate. Catfish O'Halleran, former skipper of the Green Water Gertie, was a craggy old sailor, with a deep whiskey voice and eyes the powder blue of a husky dog. His russet curls were often the envy of women who, to a person, immediately decided their beauty was wasted on such a scrounge. Catfish always stood close and looked hard at people. Strangers declared him dimwitted. Acquaintances knew better.
     "Hey Fish, do you know much about that lighthouse back there?"    
     Catfish was always interested in whatever young Waite had to say. He'd sailed with Kenneth Taylor and had known the boy since his father was lost at sea. He and Waite were steadfast friends. The old salt probably had more knowledge than anyone around when it came to the ports on the Atlantic coast, but he sensed the captain needed to talk so he patiently indulged him. Catfish cocked his leathery face to the right to catch a better earful.
     Moving to the chart room behind the bridge, Waite double-checked his vessel's course while he spoke. "The other evening in the ship's library, I pulled out a ragged old volume about this area. It talked about 'the Amelia Light,' as the Fernandinians call it, and how it's been here on the north end of the island at the Amelia and St. Mary's Rivers entrance since 1838. Even though the brick tower is only 60 feet tall, it sits on the second highest elevation of the entire east coast. That puts the lighthouse 107 feet above sea level. You can see her glow 19 miles out."
     "Is that so?" Catfish said, interested. He knew sea lore and geography, but didn't know exact figures. He always felt Waite to be a smart man, smarter than himself. "Go on. This is real educational."
     "Let's see. I think it said there're 58 hand-hewn New England granite steps to the prism room and, originally, there were 14 whale oil lamps that were replaced with a third order Fresnel lens. A cable and weight system is wound by the keeper and that rotates the lens."
     The workings of a lighthouse were common knowledge to sailors, but Catfish let Waite continue the lesson.
     "The thing has two walls. There's an exterior wall that's 22 feet across at the bottom and 10 1/2 feet at the top. The interior wall is a straight nine foot cylinder all the way up." Looking over at the old man, Waite realized Catfish was being overly attentive to his ramblings. "Anyway, I found it fascinating."
     "Yup, prit-near the most fascinatinest thing I ever heard meself."  
     Waite burst out laughing. 
     "At least, it's good to see you smilin' for a change. Dad blasted, if you ain't been a mean cuss since that tornado they had here a month ago. I've been scrapin' together my courage and fixin' to talk to ya about it. What's grievin' ya, Waite?"
     "Have I been all that bad? So bad that even you have to worry about what you say to me? You can talk to me about anything, Fish. Anytime."
     "Then don't take exception to what I'm about to say, but is it that little gal that just come on board, the one with all that mess of pretty brown hair? I seen the way you looked at her. Are you girl-sick, son?"
     Waite tensed, ready to tell Fish he was wrong and to mind his own goddamn matters. He caught himself before he'd uttered a curt word. He'd never been disrespectful to his friend. No woman was going to make him behave so now. Because of their past bond, Catfish had every right to offer his opinion and Waite was obliged to listen. He walked over and closed the door, not wanting any others to hear his personal business. "Ever since that night on the beach, the night of the storm, I haven't been able to rid my thoughts of her." 
     Fish hadn't heard Waite speak so of any female before this. 
     "Her features are before me no matter where I look." Waite needed to tell someone and his soul emptied itself. "When I found her on the shore, I was dumbstruck by her beauty. At first, it was all physical, or so I figured. As soon as I rode away from her, I knew better. I felt possessed by something more than want of sex. I've a feeling inside that tortures me because it craves a like response from her. Something isn't complete without her.    
     "But hell, she's too young for me. I've tried hard, real hard, to convince myself she was too inexperienced for a reckless sea dog. Too innocent. That I'd hurt her, be too rough with her body and her mind. Didn't you find it strange that I had business in Savannah every trip south these last weeks? That I asked you to take command of the Gentle Comfort on her runs to and from Fernandina? You picked me up on the return north and never said a word. You must've suspected something, Fish."
     "I guessed you'd tell me when ya was good and ready. I didn't want to push none."
     Waite kept on. "Just to be in her town was an ordeal, but I had to take control. I had to face things. When we arrived yesterday in Fernandina, all my resolve left me. That's why I stayed aboard. I wasn't just reading. The truth is I was studying, investigating where she comes from, trying to get closer to her somehow. The more knowledge I acquired about her background, the worse I wanted her. So I purposely started drinking last night until I passed out. With enough liquor in me, I knew she'd be safe from the wild man who wanted to pound on her door in the middle of the night and take her away for himself.
     "This morning, with damn near the worst hangover I've ever had as a reminder of my determination, I was prepared to be strong and leave town without ever attempting to see her. I was counting the minutes until we pulled out, until I escaped Amelia Island. You can't know how shocked I was when she arrived at the foot of the dock, her father handing her over to me! It was her uncle, Clabe Duffy, who corresponded with me. I didn't know the name. I swear to God, I had no earthly idea she was one of the girls I was to watch over. Now she's here, aboard my ship, and so is temptation. I don't know what to do."
     Waite turned his back and peered out at the water. Catfish could plainly see his captain was drained. "What I have to say might not be too comfortin' at first, but hear me out, would ya? Yes, this gal is young. Yes, she's probably inexperienced. Fact is, you'd best face it. One day, someone will come along and change all that." 
      The thought of another man touching Breelan made the muscles cramp in his forearms as Waite clenched his fists to stone. 
     "Then why in God's good name shouldn't it be you? Don't knock yourself, boy. When the time is right, you'll know how to handle this girl, how to treat her with respect and ..." Catfish turned the color of blood from embarrassment, the only time in his long life, "And bring her to maturity. You're the best and most honorable man I know."
     When the time is right - Waite had said that very thing to Breelan the first night they'd met. "Thank you for the kind words, old friend. But suppose she wants no part of me. So far she hasn't been what you'd call receptive, let alone interested in me." 
     "The only way you'll find out is to test the waters." He chuckled at his seaman's pun. "I have a feelin' those hateful looks she was throwin' at ya could be turned to sugar if ya just give it a chance. I say talk to her soon. I don't know if the crew is up to much more of your moonin' around. You're mean with longin' for her, Waite. 'Sides, we all have eyes, and she's might near the fairest lookin' maiden I've seen round here in a long while. There's bound to be a pack of beaus houndin' her at every turn. Remember, he who hesitates, gets run over."
     Waite weighed the older man's comments carefully. Those comments were welcome because it was exactly what Waite wanted to hear. He'd needed permission somehow. Or was it assurance that he was doing no wrong? Whatever in hell it was, he'd soon find the right time to tell Miss Breelan Dunnigan of his serious attraction - before he was aced out by some other lucky bastard. 

June 11, 2012

Pirate Ry Sings Theme Song

Need a great laugh? Click on the latest YouTube video featuring Pirate Ry singing and dancing to our wacky Goodbye Lie theme song!  Thanks, Pirate Ry.  You, too, Swiney! Oink, oink!

Pirate Ry & Swiney starring in the
 Goodbye Lie video filmed on Amelia Island, Florida

June 10, 2012

True Love

I have to share. We recently left town about the same time our sister, Peggy, came to visit.  She and her family stayed at our house for the night on their way south. Upon our return home, we discovered pink streamers strung from picture frames, the china cabinet, the mantle, all meeting at what can only be described as a one of a kind birthday cake meant for me. Nothing shows how much you're adored than a toilet paper cake created by the loving hands of family!  I am honored.  It's so...., so...., ME!  Thank you, guys!  OH, note the added charm of a box of mac and cheese.  I want for nothing.

June 5, 2012

Is It Just Me?

I have often been called a fashionista--in my head.  I wear what I consider classic, tasteful clothes. But this is not about me. It's about the freedom to wear whatever it is we want for this is America, isn't it? So long as it's clean, mended and no private parts are turned public, I'm all for picking your favorite look.  EXCEPT in the case of my husband. While he generally wears the pants in the family, one day he came out of the bedroom with his new purchase, the ugliest shorts  I have ever seen. Baggy and hanging, they were branded with a faded Florida State logo. My comment to him?  "You were taken, big time!" Add in his sweat socks with the sprung elastic resulting in the uneven placement on the shin, plus the blue "duck shoes" as I like to call those rubber gems with the breathable holes, and his look is complete.  I have forbidden Bruce to exit the house in this get-up and encourage his wearing it every day so as to turn it into a rag as soon as possible and, thereby, suitable for mopping the floor. Perhaps that is too lofty a goal for them. Oh, don't forget the chicken legs holding it all together. Now, judge for yourself if you dare to look at the picture below!

The best I can say is, "Nice grass."  -jmm

June 2, 2012

Year of Living Graciously - June

Go through your makeup and toss the old stuff or save the crazy colors of eye shadow and lipstick for the next costume party.