March 10, 2013

Engrave Your Brick

Fernandina Beach, Florida -  American Legion Post 54 is selling engraved bricks for the new Veterans' Memorial Park located next to Central Park on the corner of Atlantic Avenue and South 11th St.  For a tax deductible donation of $50, you can honor  someone special with an inscription of 3 lines with 13 characters and spaces max per line. You can get a lot of info in those three lines. Each red brick is 4" x 8". 

I got one in memory of my father, Pearl Harbor,  US Navy, WWII and my uncle, North Africa, US Army, WWII.  I also got one for my brother-in-law, US Navy.  My brick will read:

We wanted American Legion Chaplain but that is far more than the 13 letters and spaces allowed so we settled for LGN Chaplain.  Folks might not get our abbreviation for Legion, but they'll understand the Chaplain part.
The best thing about these bricks, next to them being laid as the walkway around our veterans' memorial, is that anyone from anywhere can buy a brick. You don't have to be a veteran or from Fernandina.  Grandparents for grandkids, commemoration of a wedding, a honeymoon here, an anniversary, your business, your pet's birthday, whatever you want your brick to read, is up to you.
Make your check out to Veterans' Memorial Park.   In the memo line, please write: Engraved Brick.
Drop off your check for $50 per brick or mail it with the printed inscription, again 3 lines of 13 letters and spaces max that you want to:
Veterans' Memorial Park
c/o American Legion Post 54
626 South 3rd St.
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034
No cash, please, and no credit cards.
Please support our veterans.  They have and will continue to support all of us!
For God and country,
Bruce Malcolm (Jane Marie's husband)