August 9, 2015

Grammy Camp - Felt Paper Dolls

Goodbye Lie Diaries
Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida

Miss Ella writes:  
   Good day, Jane Marie,
I wanted to tell you about the felt paper dolls I make with the children and grandchildren.  We enjoy this very much because they are simple, colorful and we keep adding to their dolly wardrobes. I have read about your Grammy Camp. Perhaps you might try this. 

Present Day
Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, Florida

Jane Marie writes:
   Such a wonderful suggestion, Miss Ella!  Granddaughter Ava and I have made several dolls ourselves, including a mermaid!  The ideas are endless.  Since felt sticks to itself, it is so easy to change from a dress to a nightie to a party dress.  And, too, felt squares are inexpensive!  Add trim from our craft supplies and away we go! Thank you.  Our readers will love them!

basic doll pattern                   doll pigtails with bangs patterns

Easy instructions:

Basic Doll Body - Fold a 9" x 12" sheet of paper or newspaper in half lengthwise.  (Be careful it is an older sheet of newspaper to be certain the ink won't rub off.) Draw half a pattern of a basic doll body against the fold. Draw several sizes, if desired.  Cut out and lay the opened full body on flesh color felt, making two. Glue one directly on top of the other with school glue to add stability to the doll form. Let dry. We added tiny eyes and a tummy button with a black pen and  a  light dusting of pink powder blush to the cheeks with a cotton swab.

Hair - See the pictured pattern for pigtails and notched bangs.  Make sure the hair is large enough to fit over the doll head.  Glue the bangs to the back of the hair, just around the upper and side edges. Let dry.

Clothing - Draw the most basic outline of a slightly over-sized short dress, shorts, tank top, nightgown, gown, bathing suit, etc., over the basic body, being sure the garment extends 1/4" or so beyond the edge of the body so it doesn't show. You can make the outfits reversible by simply cutting two of the same shape in different colored felt.

Trim -   Add buttons, bows, lace, rhinestone, a pocket, shoes, even a Christmas stocking as pictured at the right, etc., securing with school glue, where necessary.  

Have fun!

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