April 27, 2016

Mine, Yours and Ours-GBL Diaries-Aunt Noreen

We are all so busy.  As I was writing the EZ BBQ Chicken recipe post of March 28, 2015 (http://graciousjanemarie.blogspot.com/search?q=bbq), I asked myself the question, are we busier now than characters Miss Ella or Peeper or Breelan in their time in the late 1800s in my Goodbye Lie series? Before I could think in depth about that, a nagging came over me and then I realized it was coming from Aunt Noreen, by way of her Goodbye Lie Diary entry. Please see below:

Late 1880s
Fernandina on Amelia Island
 Aunt Noreen writes:  Good day to all
Aunt Noreen
around the world who read Jane Marie's Goodbye Lie Diaries, which include special entries by me.  I have hesitated to bring up this point before now, always trying to keep harmony within the family. This is often difficult as the Dunnigans can be a grumbling lot. You know this if you read any of Jane Marie's novels in her Goodbye Lie trilogy.  It is I who, daily, must fend off attacks from Peeper and too many others to name. There are those whose sole desire is to crush my intelligent and overly generous spirit and who want to keep me from speaking, lest I stir controversy. Be it the size of the biscuits or the length of the flower stem, sometimes, said controversy must be stirred.  It is these seemingly unimportant matters that keep America strong. 

     Now I come to the heart of this entry.   I believe it is time Jane Marie stops seeking all the glory as sole creator of The Goodbye Lie  stories.  For without me, especially me, the center, the focus, the cornerstone of her stories, they would be little more than passionately dramatic mysteries peppered with family angst, treachery and lies.  If I do not tell you how my personality exudes strength, thereby fascination, you may not bother to read the books and, oh, what a mighty loss you would own. Therefore, since I am practically featured on every page,  Jane Marie should no longer take complete credit for writing by always referring to the books as "my" novels and "my" tales.  Rather, she should say "our" stories. 

Present time
Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island Florida

Jane Marie writes: As you have read, I am getting a lot of pressure through these Goodbye Lie Diaries to credit the characters, and rightfully so, who whisper their stories in my ear. My soul absorbs their thoughts and deeds and misdeeds, so much so, that I am able to tell you of them, in depth. Slowly their actions bubble up to my typing fingertips and I can share with one and all by way of the written word.  So yes, Aunt Noreen.  The stories are not mine alone. How grateful I am you all are generally very generous about revealing so many private details. From the youngest to the oldest of characters, thank you for sharing so much. From here on out, I will refer to The Goodbye Lie books as mine, yours and ours, the ours being those readers who join us in adventure, action and love.

Aunt Noreen responds:  Are you inferring that I am one of your OLD characters, Jane Marie?

Jane Marie explains:  As you can see, the voices I hear in my head, the characters challenging and caring, loving and fighting, laughing and arguing, might drive a less sane person crazy.

"But not me."  "Who said that?" "Said what?" "Crazy." "Who is crazy?"  "Are you calling me crazy?"  "Who wants to know?" "Which of you is accusing me?"  "What are you talking about?" "Who is that talking?"  "Hush up."  "Don't tell me to-"  "Now ladies."  "I won't stand for any disrespect."  "Where is he?"  "Where is who?"  "He was supposed to be here."  "Give the man a moment to breathe." "When he comes home, you can... 

The paragraph above is just five seconds in the life of the brain in my head.  And you wonder why I have so many Lucy moments?   

April 21, 2016

What a Surprise Plus The Goodbye Lie Diaries-Aunt Noreen

Present Day
Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, Florida
Jane Marie types:  Have a look at the pictures to see what I saw as I pulled into the driveway of our humble home.  Not only was the bird sitting on our roof massive, but it held its outstretched wing in this position for at least five minutes.  It was plenty enough time for me to exit the car, grab my phone and snap these pictures. When it didn't fold its wing, I thought, perhaps, it was injured. I was happy to figure out the separated and ruffled feathers on its wing and head indicated it was all wet and now drying those feathers in the heat of the Florida sun. Finally, it shook itself and flew away.  While I've seen different birds in our time on Amelia Island, including my first Eastern Blue Bird the day before, this creature was remarkable with regard to its size and location, on the top of my house!   As to what kind of bird it was, the mailman said it was a buzzard. Whatever it was, I'll never forget it!  


Late 1880s
Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida
Aunt Noreen
Aunt Noreen writes: You may have seen a buzzard one time on top of your house, Jane Marie, but our family has a pet buzzard living next door to me.  We have named it Peeper! Having studied this particular species in depth because it eats with us as well as hovers inside and outside Dunnigan Manor, the vegetable garden, church, and the entire town, for that manner, it is difficult to escape its presence.  I warn all. Beware of the buzzards within. We all have them in our midst. 

*Aunt Noreen and Grandmother Peeper are featured and forever fighting characters in The Goodbye Lie historical romance series.  

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April 17, 2016

Another Title

How about this for the title of a book by the disgruntled ex-husband of many wives?

Whine, Women and Wrong

April 8, 2016

Gilbert's Underground Kitchen/Brunswick Stew

We recently dined at Gilbert's Underground Kitchen in Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, Florida. Kenny Gilbert, owner and chef there, was on Bravo's Top Chef, did well and is now quite famous. 

The first thing that captured my attention on the menu was their Brunswick Stew, as pictured above.  Since Miss Ella's Brunswick Stew is featured at her daughter Breelan's first dinner party in  The Goodbye Lie historical novel I wrote, I naturally had to order it. (Please refer to Miss Ella's recipe below.)  While Gilbert's stew was very flavorful, I kind of doubt he used two squirrels, as did Bree, in the story set in 1882.
Miss Ella's recipe taken from the pages of The Goodbye Lie

Miss Ella

Local chatter says Gilbert's has a great big BBQ sandwich for $5, but I haven't tried it. What I did try was the mac-and-cheese. Because I'm a cheese-aholic, I am qualified to judge and it was yummo! The serving was big enough for two.  But this one time, I'm with Aunt Noreen from my 1882 tale, the less than lovely next door relative to the Dunnigan family.  If she ate at Gilbert's, I can hear her saying, "I ordered the noodles with cheese.  Get your own!"

For info about Gilbert's Underground Kitchen, click on this link:

Aunt Noreen, in The Goodbye Lie series, is a prime example of how one should not act, most of the time.