July 23, 2019

Musical Discovery

Source: Reprinted from Words for Worship, 2018 Augsburg Fortress.

     I love old-timey hymns, as you might suspect. Along that line, we were in church one Sunday morning singing The Great Thanksgiving, as pictured above.  Mind you, I have been going to church my entire life and playing handbells forever, all the while reading the music to the best of my ability. Never did I notice this particular something until a friend, Katherine Swafford, pointed it out.  Look at the ties or curved lines connecting some of the musical notes. The way they are laid out, your can magically see two black eyes and a wide smile grinning back at you. In the three sets of notes with the ties, you can even see a little nose with the eyes. - And what a perfect place to find them, in this Great Thanksgiving! How simple, sweet and wonderful!!! Thank you, Katherine.- jmm

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