July 30, 2019

Lucy Lotion Plus Peeper in The Goodbye Lie Diaries

Story Central
Present Day 
Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, Florida   
Jane Marie writes: I am always rattin' myself out by telling you about my Lucy Moments, as in I Love Lucy and her doing goofy things.  Well, here is another moment with a great ending.  
     So there I was, in need of lotion.  I like to slather it on after a shower, the beach, or when my hands feel dry, like everybody else.  I was working on a blog at Story Central and was too lazy to get up to fetch some.  Then I remembered a sample bottle, the kind you take home from hotels when you're traveling.  Yup, there it was in the nightstand beside the rocker. After a minute of application, I thought to put on my glasses to read the name and brand of the lotion because it smelled so good.  Imagine my surprise to discover it was not lotion, but shampoo/conditioner combined!  
     You see, the thing of it is that it wasn't sticky or greasy and it did have a lovely aroma. So, I put it back in the drawer, to use as lotion the next time I needed some.  I hear that's how many discoveries are made, purely by accident.  

Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida
Circa late 1880s

Grandmother Peeper writes: By cracky, Jane Marie, I ain't quite certain what conditioner is. I'm aguessin' it a potion ta soften your hair - but if that don't beat all.  It's like me and marbles.  I like ta rub my feet on top of a box a them cool round things and I kin also shoot 'em across the room with my toes, if need be, ta scare the cat when he's sharpenin' his toenails on our best chair.  Any one thing that serves two purposes is good.  God appreciates the help, too, not that He needs any. I'm talking about the marbles helping my poor stove-up feet.  The marbles work pretty good and so it frees up His angels ta help other folks who need more aid than me. 
Peeper is everybody's favorite grandmother who knocked on the Dunnigan family's front door, walked in, and adopted the family on the spot.  The strange thing is they willingly let her! 

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The Goodbye Lie Series

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