February 19, 2017

2017 Amelia Island Book Festival

Jane Marie
    The last page has been turned and the cover closed over this year's wonderful Amelia Island Book Festival.  With one hundred-plus authors attending, I am happy to report that we have many new #Goodbye LieRs joining our fictional Dunnigan family world on #Amelia Island in the late 1800s. I received the ultimate compliment by way of several readers kindly seeking me out to get a second or third novel in the series. It is so gratifying to know readers can relate to #Breelan and Waite from #The Goodbye Lie.  Another woman told me how much she enjoyed reading about the social customs of the time. Another had gone so far as to make Miss Ella's Brunswick Stew and Sugar and Spice Nuts served at the Fort Clinch Christmas dance from the first novel! Still others found me because of this blog.
     Thank you to all the people who organized and volunteered. They even had high school kids help carry writers' books into the venue for set up.  It was an all day affair and so much appreciated by everyone in attendance behind as well as in front of the tables.
  See you next year!