June 29, 2017

On the Left

     Why does the bride stand to the left of the groom as they face the officiant? In the days of old, the groom could wrap his left arm around his bride, leaving his right hand free to retrieve his sword and fight to protect her.  (I love this stuff!)
     Also, on his left, his heart, filled with love flows down toward her.
     When the ceremony is completed, the couple turns and faces the congregation/audience of family and friends.   She is  on the groom's right side.  What does this represent?  United, the bride is now the groom's right hand.

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June 23, 2017

Hollywood Hearts - Jerry Lewis - Have You Heard This?

I was recently reminded of a song I
heard in my younger days.  It's fun, it's clever and so very unusual. I think you will get a chuckle from listening to the YouTube performances I've found. It is called The Typewriter by Leroy Anderson because the star of the piece is, yes, a typewriter!  Being an author,  I can appreciate the creativity of the composer all the more.  Thank you to YouTube for making this available for us to share.

The first version is by silly comic Jerry Lewis: Jerry Lewis and The Typewriter Song

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June 16, 2017

Goodbye Lie Diaries - A Remembrance - Miss Ella

Late 1800s
Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida

*Miss Ella writes:
   I recall my mother, we all later called her Grammy,  pressing a yellow daisy, given her by my father, between the pages of the old family Bible.  She said some might say it was disrespectful to use the Good Book in such a fashion and that we should be reading it instead.  That particular Bible was in our parlor and in my mother's parlor before me. 
Age was beginning to pay a visit to the delicate pages so we used another, less fancy one, from which to read our devotions. Besides, she said, "It seems meet, right and proper, so to do, to care enough for one of God's colorful creations to make a keepsake of it, since it was He who crafted the flowers in the Beginning."

     She also told me this verse:

A posy picked is a passing pleasure,
But a posy pressed is a remembrance forever.


The time is now.
Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, Florida

Jane Marie writes:   Miss Ella, I am so glad you recall Grammy pressing flowers in the Bible.  It is almost like the event during which the flower is received is blessed.  I took the photograph, above, of the pansy to let you know we are still pressing flowers in my time.  I got a letter from a dear friend written on this pansy stationery. It is so delicate and beautiful, I've save it over the years.  I thought it would add to your little poem to offer a sweet example of a pressed flower.  We must continue traditions of the heart, like this.  It makes me smile, looking at the perfect petals and fern.   


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*Miss Ella is the matriarch of the Dunnigan family, set on Amelia Island, Florida in the late 1800s.  Her sensitivity and kindness are inviting to strangers and make her beloved to family and friends. 

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June 8, 2017

Capt Fancy Patch Spies on the Rocks ...

     Howdy to all me buckos out there.  'Tis I, 
Captain Fancy Patch of me ship, The Rosey Freckle.  Whilst docked a mere half mile off shore of our home port of Amelia Island, Florida, being in the United of States, on the continent of North America, my sailors rowed me in a wee dingy to the beach sos we could go exploring.  Whether at sea or on dry land, in this case, sand, we are always on an adventure because life means livin' and that is one thing we know all about. 
     So, there we were, makin' our way down one road and then the next with me leadin' the way, naturally. That was when I threw up me hand, and my crew took my meaning to stop sudden-like and be still as a starving mouse in a cheese factory with a cat  watchin'.  I pointed to the bed of small rocks to the east and all heads turned with eyes followin' to see three brown speckled eggs! There was no soft nest, no gathering of twigs and leaves to cushion the eggs.  Nope, just hard stones, but whatever
laid the eggs, sure did a fine job camouflaging them.  Bein' the reasonable man I am, I calculated they were bird eggs, having spied the mama bird not ten feet away, pretendin' to have a broken wing so as to distract us from her soon to be born babes and toward her.  A brave mother she is.  I'm thinking mama is of the killdeer species since she lays by water, the ocean bein' not far, and on the gravel.  Again, it would make sense that her babies would be killdeers, too.  
     Should any among ya know different,  please let Jane Marie know and she will pass the word onto me.  Her email address is graciousjanemarie@yahoo.com. If I hear no dispute, I will assume those are, indeed, killdeer eggs, and hope the stray cats and dogs in the area will let the little creatures alone to hatch and fly away.  Jane Marie has promised to keep me informed as the good friend she is.  
     Until next time, may the tide be with ye, the wind fill your sails and your barnacles be few.


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Captain Fancy Patch makes a cameo appearance in Amelia Island's Mark of a Man.  Click on the YouTube link and watch him read The Great Amelia Island Sniff-Off, a bedtime story for the whole family.

Click here for more killdeer info and pics. Thank you to birdwatching.com for their wonderfully educational sight. - jmm

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June 1, 2017

Lizard Alert - Goodbye Lie Diaries - Aunt Noreen

Late 1800s
Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida

Aunt Noreen writes:
   Jane Marie!  You claim to know me as well as I know myself.  Hmm.  I do not think that is true.  Why?  Because if you had my sensibilities, you would never have shown the picture in this entry of those awful crawling reptiles.  I cannot abide them.  Those nasties are everywhere, so you do not need to promote them in any form or fashion. I am certain a photograph of a delicate rose or a bird on the wing would be preferable and appreciated much more than these images.  All I can do is avert my glance.  Perhaps you should have some sort of cautionary warning to others with the same delicacies as mine.

The time is now.
Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, Florida

Jane Marie replies:
   Dearest Aunt Noreen,
       Thank you for alerting me, yet again, to your issue with crawling creatures.  Please trust me and know I would not deliberately upset you, lest I get a pain in my side from laughing at another of your many protestations.  Do not be  insulted.  I am being honest and honesty is best.  I am sure you agree. 
        As for the awful image I present in this post, well, I find it just plain interesting and, frankly, beautiful.  The pristine sand filled me with questions the moment I spied the imprints from the lizard.  Where was the little fellow going?  Was he on a quest for food or just on a leisurely stroll?  Was the sand hot on his tiny feet?  Why is his route serpentine versus a direct path toward his goal?  Was he distracted by a nearby flying bug and, therefore, his way is not straight.  The best part of the photo for me is the nearly perfect impression of the lizzie, third indentation from the top.  When I saw it, I just had to take a picture to share with the world.  You, most interesting of aunts, are part of that world.  Sometimes we see things we do not want to see or hear things we do not want to hear.   
       I can only hope you will continue to read this blog and comment upon what I post. Those comments are so entertaining. 
             The magic of electronics in my time is simply wonderful. Don't you agree?

-Aunt Noreen is a featured character in The Goodbye Lie series by Jane Marie Malcolm, author of this blog.

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