August 4, 2017

Grammy Camp's Pancake Apple Chips plus Peeper Says ...

     Granddaughter Ava found a recipe and photo online for what appeared to be  perfect circles of cored and sliced apples covered in from-scratch pancake batter then pan fried to a golden brown. Well, this is our version.  Not so perfectly round, but fun shapes.  In the photo to the left, can you see, perhaps,  a whale on the top right of the plate, a  puppy on the top left, maybe a sea horse in the middle and an upside down lion's head on the bottom right? That's what Ava saw and I tend to agree with her.
     We measured all the different ingredients as per the pancake batter recipe, and the taste was really yummy when syrup was added. We decided that next time, though, we would use pancake batter from a box. (Yes, I know, horrors.) This shortcut will only give us extra time to do more things at Grammy Camp.
     To the left is a fancier version we served to Grampy, which we dubbed Pancake Apple Chips.  Thin slices of apple, dipped in batter, browned on the grill or griddle, add some syrup and you've got a fun, healthy meal or snack.  Give it a try.

The Goodbye Lie Diaries
Late 1800s
Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida

Grandmother Pepper writes:  I been afixin' this here apple treat for my youngin's fur long as I can recall.  They love 'em.  Sometimes I slice strawberries on top, too.  Glad ta know you haven't lost all yur sense in yur time and are still amakin' good food. I approve most mightily.

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