July 28, 2017

Grammy Camp - Ironed Cheese Sandwich

    We do a lot of wacky things at our annual Grammy Camp.  The sillier the better.  So, try your hand at *ironing a sandwich!  And why not? 
     Here we began with two slices of bread buttered on the outside with cheddar cheese between.  Nothing so unusual about that.  Just your ordinary toasted cheese ready for grilling.  Except, we didn't pan fry ours.  Instead, we wrapped the cold sandwich in a single layer of aluminum foil. It seemed to work better if we turned the tails of the foil out to keep the foil only that single layer.  With the temperature on the iron preheated to medium, the middle of the settings on my iron, not too hot, not too cold, but just right, we laid the iron atop the sandwich on the bare stove top.  After 3 minutes or so, a guesstimate, we flipped the wrapped sandwich over and toasted the second side.  After checking it, we thought it could be a bit more golden, so we re-wrapped it and ironed it for another couple of minutes.  Times vary according to how hot your iron gets.  If you turn it too high, you will scorch your bread on the outside and your cheese may not melt all the way through. 
     Well, granddaughter, Ava, declared it as tasty as the traditional toasted cheese and much more fun. 
     *Adult supervision is required because of the hot iron, of course.

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