September 30, 2018

She's Got the Book

     It was another of those toasty days in Florida. As
Janet Marie and Jane Marie
 you looked down the road, everything seemed to be in a white haze because of the heat and humidity. That didn't stop me from making new friends on vacation, as I signed books in front of Sea Jade's on Centre Street, Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island.  This old Florida style souvenir shop is welcoming and I try to be that way, too. The common denominator of our enjoyment is historical fiction, and my writing, as such, always creates interesting conversations. New friends are just plain wonderful! 

September 18, 2018

Back Cover Blurb from Amela Island/s Velvet Undertow

in Ebook and Paperback

The Goodbye Lie series

“Where Little House on the Prairie meets
Gone With the Wind”

     Witnessing the unthinkable, Carolena Dunnigan’s secure life on Amelia Island, at the edge of the world, turns to ashes. Determined to save her siblings, she flees to Charleston, South Carolina for work. Entanglement with a world-famous conductor, plus ghastly revelations, drive her to Pennsylvania and the horrific Johnstown Flood of 1889. It washes away secrets of the past, but who will survive to claim love?

Review: I like how you extensively describe Johnstown [PA] that day, in the hours before the breaking of the dam. That the city was already such a mess is often forgotten in the drama. … [After the flood of 1887], we suspect that morning [of May 31, 1889] was like [this], only a bit worse.  –Douglas J Richardson, Park Ranger, Allegheny Portage Railroad NHS, Johnstown Flood NMem, Southfork, PA

Known to her fans as Gracious Jane Marie of, author Jane Marie Malcolm celebrates HEART and HOME every day with Roses, Recipes and Romance.  She is the creator of Martha Bear’s world, spokesbear for this blog, and continues work on future novels and short delights to entice, puzzle, and surprise her loyal legion of readers.

The Goodbye Lie Series, featuring Amelia Island's Velvet Undertow is available here HERE

September 12, 2018

True Love Bites

     After I drafted this post, I thought how some might find the title deceptive.  No. I will not trash the concept of true love, this or any day.  After all, I write historical romantic suspense novels set in paradise, don't I?
     Rather, I mean to show the depth of love my husband, Bruce, has for me.  You see, after I slathered the last of the raspberry jelly on one slice of his morning toast, I opened a fresh store-bought jar of the same flavor.  That's when I compared labels.  One was full tilt, meaning lots of sugar added.  The other had no extra sugar added.  I was curious to see the difference in flavor between them.  Since there was no more in the one jar, the only way to taste them both was to take bites of Bruce's toast slices.  I went so far as to ask his permission, although he would have probably taken notice of the rounded chunks missing from each and inquired.  Well, with no hesitation, my sweet man granted my wish.  While I can't remember how much of a difference between the sugared and less-sugared jellies there was, I can and will always remember what I can only describe as an act of true love.
     I have to had that, as a child, my father used to let me spoon the juice aka yoke out of his fried eggs, often, on Saturday mornings.  He would eat the less than appetizing remains of the eggs, afterward.  
     You may tag me as spoiled rotten, but I prefer to see the true love in these generous acts. 
     I might add how Brucie will occasionally utter the phrase, "You know, I've never had a complete meal to myself in all our years of marriage."  Then he smiles at me.  

September 4, 2018

Another Book Title

Image result for book free clip art images with no watermark  

     Occasionally, I am inspired with ideas for future books.  Oh, these will not be written by me.  I am busy enough working on Amelia Island's Sand and Sin, #4 in my Goodbye Lie Trilogy, Plus One and this blog.  Hey, writing such in-depth articles as what you're reading now, takes me into the realm of deep thought.  
     So back to another inspired title of a book I will never write. It's a story about a man on a disastrous blind date and I'd call it: 

Ready, Met, Woe!  

How's that for in-depth thinking?