October 24, 2018

Fancy Work

We recently lost Aunt Suzie, a dear relative.
Besides her delicious recipes like Blonde Brownies, 24-Hour Salad, Green Glop (what is often called Pistachio Pudding or Watergate Salad), and using cottage cheese in lasagna, she could handle a needle.  I am privileged to have some of her fancy work hanging in my home and I wanted to share, 1. because it's so lovely and took so many of her precious hours of living to create, that it needs to be admired and 2. because this type of sewing is fast becoming a lost art.  May her work inspire you to make an ornament or bookmark, if not a fully framed picture.  Short of that, may you appreciate the wonderful result of her efforts.  Thank you, Aunt Suzie.  Give our regards to the others in the family who are already there in Heaven welcoming you. 

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