November 26, 2018

Knife Versus Knife

     I am always making brownies for potluck dinners, luncheons and when we need a chocolate fix.  They are so easy, from a mix, and so yummy when I cut away the crusty edge for myself, plus, they are a hit every time.  The problem is, no matter if I let them completely cool, they are difficult to cut into neat squares.  
     Well, bring in the hacks (formerly known as helpful hints,) from Facebook.  One particular tip said to use a short sawing motion with a plastic knife versus a sharp metal knife and, by cracky, it worked wonderfully!  Refer to the picture.  The neat squares on the left side are cut with the white plastic knife and the chewed-up, rough-looking squares are cut with a metal, even serrated knife.  I tell everybody about this hack that works.  I have the photographic proof right here!
  Happy Baking!

November 21, 2018

A Simple Passage

 East Nassau Ministerial Alliance (north Florida)
 Annual Ecumenical Thanksgiving Community Service
  November 15, 2018 

     The annual Thanksgiving service is always one of my favorites because congregants and their ministers come together from all over the county to show their appreciation for what God has given them. I was privileged to play with the handbells and Bruce and I both sang with the choir.  This above image was on the cover of the bulletin.  The bible verse is simple in verbiage, yet very powerful in meaning. I cut it out and added a splash of autumn color to share with you all.  
     No matter our circumstance, each of is blessed beyond measure when we stop to think about it. We can count those blessings at any moment of the day, then start all over. 
     Gotta go.  I just thought of another blessing! 


November 15, 2018

Try This Thanksgiving Craft for Everybody

    I came across this craft just in time for Thanksgiving and got permission to share from the creators, Susan Farmer and Tanya Adin of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Fernandina Beach, Florida. 
     Look at all three photos here to see these are a reminder to give thanks.  I thought this would be a fun craft for the entire family. You can make yours as simple or fancy as you want, of course. 
You'll need:
Card stock (heavy duty paper to hold its shape)
Computer to print the covers and favor instructions on the card stock as they did. 
                              OR USE
Markers to decorate the covers
Computer and printer to just print the favor instructions 
Glue Stick 
Individually wrapped Lifesaver candies.

To make one Thanksgiving favor:
Cut a strip of card stock     5" long x 2" wide
From the top, fold down at 2" and again at 2 1/2". Then fold the bottom up at 5/8".  Use a dull knife or edge of a fork to press on the folds and make sharp creases.
Decorate the front, as pictured.
Type the verse instructions in a font and size that will fit within the card stock.
Cut the verse into a square.
Glue inside or on the back of the favor.  
Staple a lifesaver inside, placing the staple close to the bottom fold so you will have room to insert the top edge of your card stock strip just above the staple, securing it like you would a matchbook.
Suggestion:  Setting one on each plate at Thanksgiving Dinner would be lovely.
May we each take the time to think about
 all we have and
 recognize our blessings.


November 10, 2018

Veterans Day Parade

American Legion Chaplain Bruce Malcolm, Grand Marshall
My husband, Bruce Malcolm, American Legion Chaplain of Post 54 and U.S. Marine, was greatly honored to serve as Grand Marshall in our 2018 Veterans Day Parade. I rode with him in the back seat and as we passed spectators, I was touched to witness so many with their hands over their hearts, adults and children both. It is simply wonderful to see the respect our flag and military rightly is receiving these days.  Let's keep it up, America!

P.S.  Thank you to Becki McCartney for taking such a great photo of Bruce!

November 6, 2018

Goodbye Lie Photo Gallery

I have many "pages" at the top of this blog for
visitors to browse.  People are busy-busy.  That's how it should be, but if you're so inclined, take a mo-mo to click on my Author and Art Event Photos link here and check out some pictures taken over the years. From art, to book signings, to craft shows and products,  many an event has occurred in the career of Gracious Jane Marie and her Goodbye Lie series.  I sincerely thank you for all your support.