August 13, 2019

Grammy Camp Flip-Flop Messaging

Smiley face, heart and Goodbye Lie hot glue flip-flop stamps ready to go!
     Granddaughter Ava and I completed another successful Grammy Camp this summer. As always, we had a blast!  Here is a project I found somewhere on the Internet.  It's inexpensive and easy to do. Most importantly, it's fun because you get to tramp around the beach in your flip-flops, and leave a message behind you!

You'll Need:

1 set of flip-flops from a dollar store (Larger rubber sandals will accommodate a longer image or message, but adult feet work best for those to make complete and even toe to heel impressions in the sand.  

Hot glue

Glass of water to dip your finger in case you touch the hot glue

Pen for drawing pattern

Ava's smiley face


On the bottom of each flip-flop, use a pen (shows up better than a pencil) to draw whatever pattern you want to stamp.  To spell words, you must write them upside down, NOT BACKWARDS.  (This was the hardest part. hahaha)

Cover your outline with two or three layers of hot glue.  The thinker the glue, the deeper the impression, which will make it show up better. 

Tromp about a beach and let your message to the world be seen! 

My Goodbye Lie book title (shameless promotion, as always) -
Note the second O in Goodbye is a bit squished.
 I tried to space the letters evenly and ran out of room.
 All I can say is that never had one lesson thing.
                                                                   - jmm aka Grammy

Ava's heart

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