August 20, 2019

Grammy Camp Mailbox with Birds

          At Grammy Camp, our motto is Why Not?  And here we have the perfect example of that sentiment.  Our multi-colored spray painted mailbox and matching flamingos squawk how Stately Martha Manor (named for Martha Bear, the spokesbear for this blog and all things Jane Marie Malcolm) is a place of laughter, looniness
Martha Bear
wearing her favorite
  Goodbye Lie
and love.  

     Here's how we mastered this project. Wrapping the white decorative metal post in newspaper and securing it with tape to keep it white, we randomly sprayed the plastic box with half-a-dozen cans of paint. And just look at the winning result!  Oh, don't forget the flag on the side.  Granddaughter Ava chose a bright and cheery yellow.   
     Our flamingos have been the watch-birds in the neighborhood for nearly two decades.  Their once pretty pink bodies fade every few years from the mean Florida sun.  So, it was time to spruce them up.  After sitting them on newspaper, we splashed them with color, too.  
     Inspired by the coordinating wreath on our front gate, this was an easy project for a talented artist like Ava and her overseeing Grammy.  Great job, Ava!  Thank you!

P.S.  Just before we began this adventure in art, our yard man texted me that one of our plastic flamingos had flown away!  We decided against replacing it because, after all, these birds are our friends.  So, if we only had one bird, that one bird only would get a new coat.  As we painted near the street, a car slowed down and a stranger said, "Hey, I saw your flamingo down the road by that big sign." We thanked him and jumped in the car to bring home the errant critter.  We looked and looked, but couldn't find her.  After several minutes, we turned the car around to head home, only to slow down as the original man who told us the bird's location, motioned toward us from his car.  "I put your little birdie back in your yard." Wow, and wow!  Who does kind things like that in this day and time? Nice neighbors, that's who!  We love Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida, where people still care about each other.  What a fine example of goodness for my granddaughter and a reminder to me and everyone who hears or reads this simple tale.  🐦

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